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Jiffy Lube, The Only Automotive Service Company To Be Recognized For Its Training Program
Jiffy Lube University Gains Training Accolades

Jiffy Lube recently received outstanding recognition for its signature, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified training program, Jiffy Lube University (JLU). The program was ranked 50th in the 11th Annual Training Top 125 Awards, conducted by The Training Magazine. Jiffy Lube states it was one in just a handful of retail companies and the only automotive services company in the Top 125.

Jiffy Lube has a deep commitment to providing professional training that equips service center employees with the skills they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience, the company adds. Every Jiffy Lube service center technician must complete the JLU training -- an extensive training program in the quick lube industry and the only one to earn the distinction of being an ASE Certified program.

JLU combines state-of-the-art computer-based instruction, supervised on-the-job training and proficiency testing, to ensure every Jiffy Lube service center technician becomes highly skilled in providing thorough preventive maintenance services on any vehicle.

“A strong training program is essential for enhancing employee knowledge and skills and developing professional service center employees,” says Ken Barber, manager of learning and development for Jiffy Lube International. “We take pride in Jiffy Lube University and appreciate the commitment our franchisees demonstrate in helping deliver this award-winning professional training to their employees.”

Jiffy Lube University was also recognized at the 11th annual Corporate University Xchange Awards. It received the Best Practice Award in the Branding category, for successes in developing and implementing innovative communication and branding strategies, as well as a Best Practice Award in the Launching category, for successfully creating a new corporate university.